Former Junior, Now Football Star: Joseph Thumbi Wangige in His Own Words

I was born in slums of majengo, Nyeri Town to a single mother and six siblings. Life was very harsh and I opted to join the street life at the age of eight to meet food demand. I had to overcome so much in the street including street gang fights, sniffing glue, smoking marijuana, the cold weather at night and running into trouble with the police at a tender age of ten and twelve years.

It was during the hustle and the bustle in the street that I learnt to play soccer by playing street football with balls made of woven nylon bags and kicking plastics cans, every time I came across one my way. It was during the life in the streets I bumped an American Christian Brother Dominic Jordan who was visiting a grocery store when I approached him to beg for a change, and from there my life changed. Bro.Dominic Jordan asked me to accompany him to St. Mary’s Boys Secondary School where I would get shelter, food, education and play football with the rest of the kids at the centre...

National Exam Results


Great news: 99% of the 2015 graduating class earned acceptance to higher education. 

The St. Mary’s Community was elated to receive the good news that the 102 young men in the senior class achieved a mean grade of 10.02 (B+)

Such excellent results would not be possible without the students’ hard work and their teachers’ dedication and enthusiasm. The appreciation also goes to all our Donors and other other partners who support us in running the school’s activities.